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Launch of Indian Ceramics: History and Practice

Marg’s latest magazine launches in Mumbai

Date: 5 January, 2018

Marg’s December 2017 magazine was unveiled at the Jindal Mansion, Mumbai on Friday, January 5, 2018. Our co-editor Naman Ahuja introduced the session. What followed was an engaging discussion chaired by Naman, with guest-editor Kristine Michael, gallerist Amal Allana, curator Pooja Sood and Art India editor Abhay Sardesai providing their different perspectives on how and why ceramics has been integral to Indian tradition and art practice but has for the longest time not been given due recognition within the art world. Amal Allana and Pooja Sood highlighted how they made pioneering attempts from the 1980s to showcase developments in the field. All agreed that more recently there has been a rekindled interest in ceramics because of bolder decisions being taken by practitioners and exhibition organizers to experiment and market these works along with those of more established artists.


Magazine Launch | Indian Ceramics: History and Practice

Magazine Launch | Indian Ceramics: History and Practice

Date: January 5, 2018, 6 pm

Venue: Jindal Mansion, 5A, Dr G. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road, Mumbai

An oft-neglected medium, ceramics has suddenly become the new buzzword in the world of high art. Auction houses, galleries, triennales are all competing to showcase and market it. Difficult though the journey of its acceptance has been, the importance of ceramics is that it opens up a unique history of modernism: one that is connected to the world as much as it is rooted in India.
To unravel this story, join us for a discussion with Naman Ahuja, Kristine Michael, Pooja Sood and Amal Allana at the launch of Marg’s latest magazine.


Upcoming Magazine - December 2017

Ceramics in India

Edited by Kristine Michael

The issue discusses artistic modernism in contemporary ceramic art in India in response to the growing interest and global recognition of non-Western modern art. Indian ceramic art remains largely unexplored and marginalized as a significant art practice, and this we hope to partially remedy with the publication of this special edition.


Upcoming Book - December 2017

Sri Lankan Art: New Narratives

Edited by Sujatha Arundathi Meegama

This anthology of essays, devoted to Sri Lanka’s art histories, showcases current research into the island’s diverse artistic traditions. Ranging from the ancient city of Anuradapura to the contemporary art scene, this volume highlights the connected art histories between local, regional and global art worlds.


Upcoming Magazine - September 2017

The French Connection

Edited by Dr Devika Singh

This issue focuses on artistic exchanges between India and France in the fields of painting, fashion, photography, film and architecture, before and after Indian independence. It seeks to map some of the wider exchanges that took place between Indian and French artists and bring together for the first time some of the most innovative and significant artworks made by Indian and French modern and contemporary artists, many of which remain little known to a broad audience.