One City, Two Worlds DVD

250 (INR) / $ 10 (USD)

The film captures the contrast between the static and the dynamic aspects of Bombay, now called Mumbai, in the context of everyday life in the “city of opportunities” and in the context of the challenges that face cities all over the world. One City, Two Worlds paints a vivid picture of Bombay, its burgeoning and varied population, its great Victorian buildings, its clusters of skyscrapers, its sprawling shanty towns. Architect and conservationist Rahul Mehrotra tells the story, with the help of Bombay's most distinguished architect and planner, Charles Correa, and a number of other voices of people who live and work in the city.

Cyrus Guzder and Rahul Mehrotra

Concept Development and Script
Shama Habibullah

Zafar Hai

Production Advisor
John Percival

23 1/2 minutes