Voices of Change

20 Indian Artists
Edited by: Gayatri Sinha
Binding: Hardcover
Specifications: 308 pages, 245 illustrations
ISBN: 978-93-80581-06-4
Dimensions: 305 x 241 mm

In the resurgent international interest in Indian art, mid-career and young artists play a significant role. As the fourth generation since Independence, they contribute significantly to an expanded cultural dialectic, and a problematization of aspects of social polity through a quest for a vigorous contemporary language. This is the first generation of artists that consciously works under the glare of international circuits and critical evaluation. Several artists featured in this volume stand out for their ability to engage with a spectrum of media, moving easily from video and performance to painting and sculptural installation. Collectively these essays present leading art practices currently emanating from India.

Gayatri Sinha is an independent curator, art critic, and editor, based in New Delhi.

INTRODUCTION: New Persuasions in Contemporary Indian Art
Gayatri Sinha

BAIJU PARTHAN: Prophesies in Pixels and Paint
Latika Gupta

JAYASHREE CHAKRABORTY: Landscape in Time and Space
Adip Dutta

SURENDRAN NAIR: The Openness of Secrecy
Ranjit Hoskote

PUSHPAMALA N.: Self in Stills, Conflict within the Frame
Parul Dave Mukherji

N.N. RIMZON: The Metaphor of Irony
R. Nandakumar

ANITA DUBE: A Lover’s Discourse
Deepali Dewan

NATARAJ SHARMA: Simulated Realities and Virtual Experience
Grant Watson

ATUL DODIYA: Between the Baroque and the Minimal
Ranjit Hoskote

SUDARSHAN SHETTY: Transforming Contemporary Sculpture
Vyjayanthi Rao

BOSE KRISHNAMACHARI: History, Memory, and Postmodern Pastiche
Arshiya Lokhandwala

ANJU DODIYA: Beauty’s Dark Underside
Nancy Adajania

SUBODH GUPTA: Object World
Gayatri Sinha

SHIBU NATESAN: Reading the Contemporary Moment
Deeksha Nath

T.V. SANTHOSH: Between the Satanic Verses and the Axis of Evil 
Shaheen Merali 

N.S. HARSHA: The Making of Good Things
Sharmini Pereira

BHARTI KHER: Of Monsters, Misfits, and the Biggest Heart in the World
Nancy Adajania

JAGANNATH PANDA: Negotiating Shifting Ground
Brinda Kumar

RIYAS KOMU: The Seeker’s Mind
Ullekh N.P.

JITISH KALLAT: Guilt Gilded in Gold
Shaheen Merali

SHILPA GUPTA: Tracing Figures of Absence
Sasha Altaf