India: Public Places, Private Spaces

Contemporary Photography and Video Art (Published in association with The Newark Museum)
Edited by: Gayatri Sinha, Paul Sternberger
Binding: Softcover
Specifications: 164 pages, 130 illustrations
ISBN: 978-81-85026-82-4
Dimensions: 280 x 216 mm

For 25 years a swirling mix of voices from India’s past and present has shaped Indian photography and video art. The artists’ gaze has been fixed on India’s lives, revealing, interpreting and influencing the staid, chaotic, monochrome and colourful dimensions of a country of over one billion people. All the artists represented provide rich insight into the dynamics shaping the contemporary Indian psyche and landscape.

Gayatri Sinha is an independent curator, art critic, and editor, based in New Delhi. She is the co-curator of the exhibition “INDIA: Public Places, Private Spaces – Contemporary Photography and Video Art” with Paul Sternberger, Associate Professor of Art History, Rutgers University, Newark.

Director's Statement by Mary Sue Sweeney Price

Foreword by Suketu Mehta

New Forms
Barbara London

Pursuit of Dreams: Contemporary Contexts in Photography and Video Art in India
Gayatri Sinha

Clouding the Mirror: Trends in Recent Indian Photography and Video
Paul Sternberger

Street Photography and a Social Imperative

The Collision of Public and Private

Playing Inside: Photography, Video and Personal Identity

Where is the Border? The Diasporic Experience

Checklist of Works
Artist Profiles
Select Bibliography

The Advisory Committee for INDIA: Public Places, Private Spaces
Trustees of The Newark Museum Association 2007 and The Newark Museum Advisory Council 2007