In and Around Old Goa

By: Heta Pandit
Binding: Softcover
Specifications: 132 pages, 100 illustrations
ISBN: 81-85026-67-X
Dimensions: 211 x 140 mm

The articles are the result of painstaking new evidence unearthed from the treasures of the city’s dramatic history. It takes you through layers of times and traditions gone by, as you soak in the monumental buildings, churches, chapels, and convents. With exceptional photographs by Tushar Rao, In and Around Old Goa transforms the simple act of walking about the old city into an unforgettable journey through time and space.

Heta Pandit has authored four books on Goa’s architectural history. She lives and works in Goa and is active in the conservation movement.

Introduction: From Govapuri to Ela to Velha Goa over seven centuries

The Old Road to History: Reconstructing the Capital
Ketak S. Nachinolkar

Brahmapuri and Madhav Tirth: Revisiting sites of Hindu revivalism

The ASI Museum and The Kadamba Highway: Connecting missing links

The New Pillory: Turning temple pillars into punishment posts

Saptakoteshwar Temple and Adil Shah's Gate: Relocating cultural milestones

Chapel of St Catherine of Alexandria: Learning from conquests

St Francis of Assisi: Rediscovering frescos and fine art

See Cathedral: Illustrating the Church-State connection

Archiepiscopal Palace: Restoration of a historic edifice
Vikas Dilawari

Chapel of Nossa Senhora Do Monte: Breathtaking views of beauty
Perdval Noronha and Paulo Varela Gomes

St Cajetan Church: The crafting of a masterpiece

Our Lady of Grace, St Augustine's Church Ruins: Reading from remains
N. Taher, Sidh Mendiratta, and Abhijit Ambekar

Convent of Santa Monica: Creating art in a cloister

Museum of Christian Art: The forgetting of this-worldliness

Basilica of Bom Jesus and Tomb of St Francis: Creating legends and building miracles

Francis Xavier: An exposition of virtue and courage
Delio de Mendonca

Ribandar: Vibrancy on the banks of the Mandovi

Divar: An ancient island
Mário Cabral E Sá

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