Akbar Padamsee

Work in Language (Published in association with Pundole Art Gallery)
Edited by: Bhanumati Padamsee , Annapurna Garimella
Binding: Softcover
Specifications: 372 pages, 348 illustrations
ISBN: 978-81-85026-91-6
Dimensions: 216 x 230 mm

This volume provides a multidimensional overview of Akbar Padamsee’s career of over 54 years, and features numerous works which have appeared only in exhibition catalogues till now. Not only does this first volume of its kind describe the life and works of a pathbreaking artist, it also seeks to relocate Padamsee’s work in the present context, separating it from the large body of works collectively termed “modernist”. The book is illustrated with more than 370 images, paintings, sketches, watercolours, and photographs. The contributors include art historians, artists, critics, and collectors.

Bhanumati Padamsee has a postgraduate degree in the history of art from M.S. University, Baroda.
Annapurna Garimella is a designer and art historian who focuses on the art and architecture of India.

bhanumati padamsee

figure and shadow: conversations on the illusive art of akbar padamsee
homi bhabha

re-situating akbar padamsee: a sociology of figuration
annapurna garimella

abstracting figuration: akbar padamsee's body in india
michael w. meister

the inherent lightness of being: akbar padamsee's oeuvre of the '50s
anupa mehta

a time for reflection: pose? posture? picture? painting?
pheroza godrej

akbar padamsee's sculptures
nanak ganguly

shades of grey
saryu doshi

akbar padamsee's artistic "landscape" of the '60s
beth citron

metascape: an artifice and its veils
anshuman das gupta

exploring the metascape
baiju parthan

on the play of mirrors
veena das

a note on akbar
krishen khanna

koffee korner
arvind krishna mehrotra

atul dodiya

akbar padamsee: ascetic sensualist
gieve patel

panoramas in grey
sudhir patwardhan

revisiting juhu
geeta kapur

art in the river of life
meenakshi shedde

by shamlal

akbar padamsee: the other side of solitude
by geeta kapur

akbar's own writings