Volume 59 Number 4

June 2008

Portraits in Princely India: 1700–1947

Edited by: Rosie Llewellyn-Jones
ISBN: 978-81-85026-86-2
Out of Print

Volume 59 Number 3

March 2008

Kizil on the Silk Road: Crossroads of Commerce and Meeting of Minds

Edited by: Rajeshwari Ghose
ISBN: 978-81-85026-85-5
Out of Print

Volume 59 Number 2

December 2007

India’s Popular Culture: Iconic Spaces and Fluid Images

Edited by: Jyotindra Jain
ISBN: 978-81-85026-81-7

Volume 59 Number 1

September 2007

James Tod’s Rajasthan

Edited by: Giles Tillotson
ISBN: 978-81-85026-80-0
Out of Print