Volume 49 Number 4

June 1998

Mughal Masters: Further Studies

Edited by: Asok Kumar Das
ISBN: 81-85026-40-8
Out of Print

Volume 49 Number 3

March 1998

Picture Showmen: Insights into the Narrative Tradition in Indian Art

Edited by: Jyotindra Jain
ISBN: 81-85026-39-4
Out of Print

Volume 49 Number 2

December 1997

The Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta: Conception, Collections, Conservation

Edited by: Philippa Vaughan
ISBN: 81-85026-38-6
Out of Print

Volume 49 Number 1

September 1997

Bombay to Mumbai: Changing Perspectives (Reprint 2006)

Edited by: Pauline Rohatgi, Pheroza Godrej, Rahul Mehrotra
ISBN: 81-85026-37-8
Out of Print