Volume 40 Number 4

September 1989

India – A Pageant of Prints (Reprint 2006)

Edited by: Pauline Rohatgi, Pheroza Godrej
ISBN: 81-85026-08-4

Volume 40 Number 3

June 1989

In Quest of Themes and Skills: Asian Textiles

Edited by: Krishna Riboud
ISBN: 81-85026-07-6
Out of Print

Volume 40 Number 2

March 1989

Art and Architecture of Ancient Kashmir

Edited by: Pratapaditya Pal
ISBN: 81-85026-06-8
Out of Print

Volume 40 Number 1

December 1988

Bodhgaya: The Site of Enlightenment

Edited by: Janice Leoshko
ISBN: 81-85026-05-X
Out of Print