September-December 2018

Current Magazine

Documentary Now
Edited by: Ravi Vasudevan

This issue looks at the changing nature of documentary filmmaking in India as it transitions from celluloid and video to the digital medium.

Print : 350 (INR) / $ 14 (USD) / Digital : 175 (INR) / $ 5 (USD)
September 2018

Current Quarterly Book

Scent upon a Southern Breeze: The Synaesthetic Arts of the Deccan
Edited by: Kavita Singh

The essays explore the sense of wonder, 'aja'ib, that permeated textile design, manuscript illustration and perfume production in the Deccan.

Print : 2800 (INR) / $ 70 (USD)

Current Special Publication

The Story of India’s Unicorns
By: Divyabhanusinh, Asok Kumar Das and Shibani Bose

This book records the history of India’s Greater One-horned Rhinoceros from prehistoric times to the present.

Print : 2000 (INR) / $ 48 (USD)

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Aug 31, 2018
Lecture | The Story of India’s Unicorns
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