December 2018–March 2019

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The Weight of a Petal: Ars Botanica
Edited by: Sita Reddy

This issue looks at the field of botanical art in India through a variety of works and institutions ranging across medieval, colonial and contemporary times.

Print : 350 (INR) / $ 14 (USD)
December 2018–March 2019

Current Quarterly Book

The Mughal Empire from Jahangir to Shah Jahan: Art, Architecture, Politics, Law and Literature
Edited by: Ebba Koch in collaboration with Ali Anooshahr

The first multidisciplinary analysis of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his predecessor Jahangir.

Print : 4200 (INR) / $ 90 (USD)

Current Special Publication

The Story of India’s Unicorns
By: Divyabhanusinh, Asok Kumar Das and Shibani Bose

This book records the history of India’s Greater One-horned Rhinoceros from prehistoric times to the present.

Print : 2000 (INR) / $ 48 (USD)

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Feb 5, 2019
Pre-Publication Offer: The Mughal Empire from Jahangir to Shah Jahan
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