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Volume 65 Number 4, June 2014

Sacred Textiles of India

Edited by:  Jasleen Dhamija

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Binding:   Hardcover  
Specifications:   108 pages, 108 illustrations  
ISBN:   978-93-83243-01-3  
Dimensions:   305 x 241 mm

    Fabrics play a vital role in the ceremonies that mark every stage of religious, cultural and social life in India. Traditionally, the creation of a textile is considered an act of worship, and the wearing of sacred cloths is an important rite of passage.
             The book begins with an overview of the ritual importance of textiles through the major religions of India and an exploration of ikat, the “magical” textile common to many cultures of the world. Subsequent articles present pioneering research on the Islamic and Buddhist textiles of Ladakh; the ritual garments of the Parsi Zoroastrians; the representation of sacred trees in the kanthas of Bengal; the Hindu, Islamic and Christian traditions of Goa; and the significance of the torans of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The final chapter studies the fabrics imported from India which are indispensable in the ceremonies of the Kalabari of Nigeria.
               This range of unusual themes presented by textile experts and designers is a first step in presenting some of the unique sacred textile traditions of India, while recognizing that innumerable others await study and documentation.

    Jasleen Dhamija is internationally renowned in the field of textiles. She has done pioneering research in the handicraft and handloom industry and has worked with the UN, and as consultant to the World Bank. She has curated exhibitions, organized seminars and authored/edited books and articles for various publications including Marg. 


    Jasleen Dhamija

    Ritual Textiles and the Cult of Ikat
    Jasleen Dhamija

    Duguma’s Legacy: Sacred Textiles in Ladakh
    Monisha Ahmed

    Sacred Armour: Ritual Garments of the Parsi Zoroastrians
    Shernaz Cama and Ashdeen Z. Lilaowala

    The Depiction of Sacred Trees on the Kanthas of Bengal
    Paola Manfredi

    Touched by Gods and Saints: Goa’s Sacred Textiles and Vestments
    Wendell Rodricks

    The Torans of Gujarat and Rajasthan: Meanings and Origins
    Victoria Z. Rivers

    The Sacred Use of Indian Textiles by the Kalabari of Nigeria
    Joanne B. Eicher