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Volume 61

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Volume 61 Number 3, March 2010

Volume 61 Number 3

Being Here, Now: Some Insights into Indian Cinema

Edited by:  Shanay Jhaveri

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Editorial Note

Shanay Jhaveri

Photo Essays
Mumbai’s Cinema Halls
Zubin Pastakia, Erika Balsom

At a Tambu Near You: The Tent Cinemas of Maharashtra
Amit Madheshiya, Shirley Abraham

Hindi Films and Their Audiences
Rachel Dwyer

Ray and the Shadow of Political Cinema
Moinak Biswas

A Significant Absence: The Colonial State and the Globalization of Mass Entertainment in Early-20th-century South Asia
Kaushik Bhaumik

It’s Snowing in Mumbai: The Cinema of Ashim Ahluwalia
Kaunteya Shah

Persistence of Vision
Raqs Media Collective and the Reminiscences of Kumar Shahani

Let My Promise Be Met: Star
Shanay Jhaveri

Our Phantom Friends
Shumona Goel and Dale Cannedy-Azim

Amar Kanwar and Shanay Jhaveri

Book Reviews
Under Her Spell: Roberto Rossellini in India by Dileep Padgaonkar
Benjamin Mercer

Bombay Cinema: An Archive of the City by Ranjani Mazumdar
Benjamin Mercer


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