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Picture of Kizil on the Silk Road

Volume 59 Number 3, March 2008

Kizil on the Silk Road

Crossroads of Commerce and Meeting of Minds

Edited by:  Rajeshwari Ghose

Price:   Rs 2500 (INR) / $65 (USD)
Binding:   Hardcover  
Specifications:   140 pages, 96 illustrations  
ISBN:   978-81-85026-85-5  
Dimensions:   305 x 241 mm

    This book focuses on the startlingly beautiful Buddhist Cave complex of Kizil, an important conduit in the transmission of Buddhist art and thought along the Silk Road from India to China. The work brings together the writings of eminent scholars who have studied the images of Kizil as well as artefacts and manuscripts in various institutions across the globe. The printed material on Kizil remains scattered in obscure publications in different languages. This volume includes the work of scholars whose contributions are not readily available in English.

    Rajeshwari Ghose is a scholar of sacred art with a special interest in mural paintings. 


    Introduction: Kizil on the Silk Road
    Rajeshwari Ghose

    The Geography of Transmission: The “Jibin” Route and the propagation of Buddhism in China
    Li Chongfeng

    Towards a More Reliable Chronology for the Site of Kizil
    Giuseppe Vignato

    The Kizil Caves: Date, Art, and Iconography
    Rajeshwari Ghose

    Maitreya in Literature and in the Art of Xinjiang
    Marianne Yaldiz

    The Ceiling Murals of Kizil as a Symbol of the Buddhist Universe
    Miao Lihui

    In Quest of Literary Sources for the Narrative Paintings of Kizil Caves
    Zhao Li

    Legendary, Historical, and Canonical Personae in the Murals of Kizil
    Huo Xuchu

    The Great Controversy: Vairochana in a Predominantly Hinayana Context
    Peng Jie

    A Study of the Murals in Cave 114
    Jia Yin Yi