March-June 2018

Current Magazine

Art: Faked │ Stolen │ Censored
Edited by: Naman P. Ahuja and Latika Gupta

The issue looks at artworks and debates that have been at the heart of national and international controversies surrounding theft, forgery and suppression.

Print : 350 (INR) / $ 14 (USD) / Digital : 175 (INR) / $ 5 (USD)
March 2018

Current Quarterly Book

Lessons from Hell: Printing and Punishment in India
By: Christopher Pinney

This book documents the growth of printed images of punishments in hell from 19th- and 20th-century India.

Print : 2800 (INR) / $ 70 (USD)

Current Special Publication

The Story of India’s Unicorns
By: Divyabhanusinh, Asok Kumar Das and Shibani Bose

This book records the history of India’s Greater One-horned Rhinoceros from prehistoric times to the present.

Print : 2000 (INR) / $ 48 (USD)

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Jun 20, 2018
Event - Art: Faked | Stolen | Censored
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